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No one ever said life would be easy. In fact, numerous scriptures in the Bible assures us that it will not. Life will often bring us challenges. Day after day, we will be faced with adversity, grief, lack, fear, disappointment...pain

But, through it all, God is good and He is faithful! Your job as a woman of faith is to hold on to His unchanging hands! Be steadfast and immovable in your faith. Trust Him when you can’t see past your pain and pray for His peace when yours is no where to be found. Because the truth is, no matter what it is you are facing right now, it's not bigger than God. Nothing is too hard for Him, my friend! Nothing

So, join this community of faith, and learn how to strengthen your faith in Him. When you join this #wildFIA community and become a #FIAstarter, you will get access to LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts' e-book, Encourage Yourself in the Lord: 3 Surefire Ways to Encourage Yourself in Tough Circumstances. This e-book will give you some specific action steps to take when things get overwhelming in your life. 

Download it today...and become a part of a community of women who are onFIA for Christ. Despite our circumstances, we are determined to give Him glory and love Him all the more! Join below. 


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