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Silence the voice holding you back!


Mindset Mastery - 2-Part Coaching Series - Digital Download

 No more negative thinking! Not another "I can't",  "I'm not good enough, or smart enough, or confident enough" No more "I never" or "I am afraid" The negative self talk ends today...
Take control of your thoughts and pursue success in life & business!  Mindset Mastery™ will help you silence the voice holding you back, starting right NOW!! This intensive coaching series will help you align your thoughts with those of Christ. This, FIAstarter, is where your breakthrough lies...

In Mindset Mastery™ you will learn:

  • How to handle negative thoughts and faulty thinking at the moment they arrive 
  • How to “set your mind” for success in life and business
  • How to tap into the power of Christ to overcome and succeed  
  • How to break the chains of fear and doubt that are hindering you and your breakthrough! 
  • And, if you are an entrepreneur, how to move from ordinary to extraordinary in the marketplace

Be honest with yourself? Do you need a mental reset?  Download Mindset Mastery right now and get started today!
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Learn to PRAY, hear God's voice, uproot unforgiveness & more


FIA Woman of Faith Coaching Series - Digital Download

There are certain spiritual skills that every mature woman of faith should have. We should know how to pray, how to recognize God's voice, how to uproot unforgiveness from our lives, how handle adversity when it comes, and a few others. This audio coaching series will teach you these skills and help you to deepen your walk with the Lord. If you aren't sure if your prayers are being heard, and you don't know how to hear His voice, this series will bless you! If you want a closer walk with Him and you want to repair broken relationships in your life, this series is for you! $50 for the entire 8-session audio set.



  • Week 1: How to pursue an intimate, personal relationship with Christ
  • Week 2: How to pray simple, effective prayers that reach heaven
  • Week 3: How to recognize God’s voice & be sure when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you
  • Week 4: How to live abundantly, removing negativity from your thoughts, speech & surroundings
  • Week 5: How to uproot unforgiveness from your heart and repair broken relationships in your life
  • Week 6: How to LOVE like Christ - especially "difficult" family members, friends & co-workers
  • Week 7: How to handle adversity when it comes in your life
  • Week 8: How to use the power of manifestation to access the provisions of God

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My life has totally changed...

 “My life has totally changed since the first course I took. Every conversation I have, every friendship, every motive, every relationship in my life has changed completely. Every word that comes from my mouth and every thought I have, all have a different meaning now and my life has purpose!” N.R., The FIA Woman of Faith Series