Want to activate your faith and build a business that's onFIA?!

If you'd like to step out on faith and start a business or exponentially grow your business, our faith-based business coaching program, FIAwalkers™ , may be a worthwhile monthly investment for you. As a Certified Executive Coach, LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts has the ability to strategically and successfully coach you toward the "good success" in Joshua1:8. Together, you will set and achieve goals in record time! Her FIAwalkers™ make bold, "I can do all things through Christ" type accomplishments in this 90-day Coaching Program! 

The following business coaching tracks are available:

  • FIAbuilder™  Track - Build a New Business (On or Offnline) from Conception
  • FIAwriter™ Track - Write, Publish & Promote Your Book in 90 Days
  • FIAspeaker™ Track - Build Your Speaking Platform in 90 Days
  • FIAshowhost™ Track - Build & Launch Your Podcast (or Video) Show in 90 Days 
  • FIAcoach™ Track - Create Structure & Strategy to Your Coaching; Become A Better Coach in 90-Days
  • FIAbrandpower™ Track - Learn to Market and Brand Your Business & Build an Organic, Responsive Community 
  • FIAproducts™ Track - Create Your First Passive Income Products (online or back-of-the-room sales!)  

Weekly, targeted, and individualized Scripture-based business coaching will help you achieve "good success" God's way, not the world's way. The goal is for you to take big, bold steps of faith and build your business with courage and confidence. Stop talking and dreaming about influencing the marketplace, let's DO it. #FaithIsACTION! #onFIA

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It has been so hard until Coach LaVondilyn came...

“Hiring Coach LaVondilyn has been the most rewarding investment I have made in my business. She is so strategic, focused, and mindful of what serves my purpose, my passion, and my business. Every session I walked away confident to put that work in. She gives me all the tools I need to move forward with clarity and inspiration. I was in tears when she helped my launch my very own podcast in less than 2 months. I cried my heart out because I have been down a rough road trying to accomplish my dreams and it has been so hard until Coach LaVondilyn came into my life. I’m still thanking God for that. She is the truth! The real deal…and wants to see her clients dreams come true.” T.R., #FIAwalkers - FIAshowhost Track 

I didn't think I was capable or qualified...

“God continues to amaze me how He uses you to bring out parts of me I didn’t think I was capable or qualified to do.” T.G., #FIAwalkers - FIAbuilder  Track