What is FCA?

 The FIA Coaching Academy is a coaching platform exclusive to our monthly patrons in our #WomanonFIA community. This "learning vault" provides continuous coaching to strengthen your faith over time, and give you the spiritual skills necessary to overcome life challenges. Each month a new class is added to the vault. 

FCA Classes teach you how to:

  • Recognize an attack of the enemy
  • Hear the voice of God
  • Strengthen your prayer life
  •  Overcome fear 
  • Confidently make major changes in your life
  • Gain the tools to fight and overcome in challenging times
  • Do an effective fast for strength and wisdom
  • And so much more!

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These past Mondays have been rich...

“Thank you, Coach!!  This teaching series was amazing! These past Mondays have been rich and a great experience. You are an amazing teacher. You kept me engaged and wanting to learn more. I know that I need to make some changes and align myself up with the ways and thoughts of God. I am just thankful that I am not too far off the mark! Looking forward to your upcoming series. I will be tuning in!!” L.W., #TheFaithLife #FCA

My life has totally changed since the first course...

My life has totally changed since the first course I took. Every conversation I have, every friendship, every motive, every relationship in my life has changed completely. Every word that comes from my mouth and every thought I have, all have a different meaning now and my life has purpose!” N.R., #WomanofFaith #FCA

Definitely look forward to next week’s call...

“Thank you so much LaVondilyn. I look forward to listening again today. And definitely look forward to next week’s call. You’re opening my eyes to all the things that my mind has been keeping in the dark for so long and that is such a gift you have.” N.B., #Destined #FCA