Looking to make some changes in your life?

If you'd like to step out on faith and make some much-needed changes in your life, individual life coaching can be invaluable to you. As a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP), LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts has the ability to strategically and successfully coach you through your life challenges. Together, you can work to break free of the chains that are holding you back - mentally, emotionally, or even physically. 

Coaching areas are as follows:

  • Strengthen Your Faith & Build a Relationship with God
  • Overcome Low Self-esteem / Build Self-Worth 
  • Conquer the Spirit of Fear
  • Uncover Your Purpose / Career Coaching
  • Rebuild Your Life & Feel Alive Again™  After Divorce or Separation
  • Create Boundaries in Toxic Relationships
  • Cope with Losses/Grief Coaching
  • Manage Anger & Uproot Bitterness
  • Rid your Heart of Unforgiveness

Weekly, targeted, Scripture-based coaching will help you navigate your way back to a spiritually and emotionally healthy you. The goal is for you to get stronger in your spirit man and begin to allow the Word of God to bring healing to your broken places. Do the necessary work to achieve the freedom Christ died for you to have. No more bondage, in Jesus name! 

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Growing daily in my faith...

“Wow! I was strong believer, and had great faith, but I wasn’t having much effect on the kingdom or even on the stronghold in my own life. But, after coaching with LaVondilyn, I am living victoriously, growing daily in my faith and relationship with the Lord, and walking into His purpose for me. Instead of only seeking God with my whole heart and using my faith in emergencies, my every day spiritual life is steady, strong and getting stronger!” T.R., #wildFIA, FIA Life Coaching Client

Apply the Word of God to produce a life of peace...

“Before coaching with LaVondilyn, I would allow my heart to be distracted by thoughts of fear, doubt and regret. Now, I have learned that I may apply the Word of God to produce a life of peace, faith, and love… LaVondilyn has mastered the art of utilizing her passion and gifts to empower her clients in discovering their true self…” D.H., #wildFIA, FIA Life Coaching