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Meet "Coach"

"Best Coach on the Planet!"

Affectionately referred to as "the best coach on the planet!" and "a first-rate orator", LaVondilyn W. San Kitts has been encouraging women and speaking to faith-based audiences for well over a decade. With the spiritual gifts of faith, encouragement and teaching, and a passionate love for the Word of God, she has made it her life's work to coach women from lukewarm in their faith to onFIA for Christ!

A Blue-Hot Kind of Faith...

"The woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8 received her healing by faith. But not just any kind of faith…she had a blue-hot kind of faith. We, too, can overcome and accomplish anything with that kind of faith!” she says.  

With the mantra, “Faith is Action”, or FIA, LaVondilyn coaches with sheer passion. She has self-published 6 books, including her most popular, By Faith…8 Steps of Faith to Make It Through the Tough Times. She has also created 25 packaged audio products. She has hosted countless live workshops and national teleconferences, and spoken at events nationwide. She currently teaches a weekly Bible study through her local church, does FIApower Gatherings in different cities, and hosts the FIA Good Morningpodcast that reaches thousands weekly.

Turn Your Heat Up!

To rekindle your FIA, join LaVondilyn's #wildFIA group on Facebook! Or, to let this FIA Faith Builder™ turn up the heat at your Bible Study or Women's Ministry event, request booking information below.