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The FIA Good Morning™ Weekday Podcast


Whether you are a workplace professional, educator, entrepreneur, or stay at home mom, it’s imperative that you get your day started right! Author, Speaker and Show Host, LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, will bless your day, each day, with a powerful Bible Scripture! FIA Good Morning™ will be your morning "cup of Jesus". Listen in every week day morning for an encouraging Word! Listen below. 

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The Faith Is ACTION™ Podcast


Coach LaVondilyn also offers a weekly podcast for entrepreneurs of faith! The Faith Is Action™ podcast is where she’ll help you put your faith into action! Stop wishing, stop daydreaming, and stop the unnecessary planning, it’s time to really start building your business by faith! Get the weekly business coaching and motivation you need to achieve "good success". 

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FIA Good Morning™ Weekday Podcast

Faith is ACTION!™ Weekly Podcast