Manifest It! Confidently Call Forth the Provisions of God

LIVE Dial In| Thurs, Oct 10, 2019 | 7PM

  • Not really sure what manifestation is, or how to use it?
  • Uncomfortable with this "name it and claim it" culture?
  • Want to learn the biblical truth about manifestation?
  • Want to learn to be confident when you loose the provisions of God into your life?

If "manifestation" is one of those words you've heard in spiritual circles, but never quite understood, this 2-hour deep dive into the controversial topic will help clear the cobwebs. 

Whether you are completely put off by those who "name it and claim it", or you're radical enough to believe in the power to call things forth, you'll see immense value in searching the scriptures for answers and clearing up some of the common misconceptions about this powerful spiritual skill.

In Manifest It!, you will learn:

  1. What manifestation actually is  - Curious what it means to be able to "call things that be not as through they were" as it says in Ro4:17? Ever wonder if we can even do that or if that is a skill reserved for God? Finally get answers in this class. 
  2. The one critical mistake people often make when it comes to manifestation (and the scriptures that separate true biblical manifestation from popular new age principles and teaching)
  3. How to manifest provisions like peace, healing, money, and more - you'll learn the exact steps to walk this advanced skill out in your personal life 
  4. The 1 thing required for manifestation to actually work and why people like Moses, Ezekiel, and so many others were able to cause things to appear 
  5. How to increase your confidence when it comes to using this skill and standing on the Word - learn how to overcome fear and stand in God's power to call forth what you need
  6. Lastly, the three things that will prevent you from manifesting the provisions of God (you must make sure of a few things before you begin to utilize this powerful skill or your attempts will be fruitless)

When I first began to use the skill of manifestation, my legs were shaky and I was unsure - I had seen some really questionable activity, in and out of the church. But, as God began to call me deeper and walk me through the Word, my confidence increased and I grew up in my spirit. I then began to confidently call forth the provisions of God in my life.  This skill has moved me to a new level in my walk with Christ and to a new level of faith. I began to see more of Him, to experience more and more of His power. It can do the exact same thing for you.  

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There is no cost for registration. 

If you would like to learn what manifestation is (and what it is not) and how to use it to call forth the provisions of God in your life, simply give whatever God leads you to below and join the class on 10/10 at 7PM.